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Question on M4 full exhaust


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I have a 2016 Yamaha fz07. I want to buy a full M4 exhaust for it and nothing else. I know it needs to be tuned in some way. I could buy a power commander for it but on their website their is no option for a M4 exhaust tune. The only options are two brother, yoshi, etc. What should I do? 
thanks so much

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You may want to consider a Dobreck EJT. It's programmed for an aftermarket exhaust and air filter already. It's also easy to adjust if needed. No computer is needed at all to download files, etc. 

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I have a 2019 Mt07. M4 full exhaust system, Dna stage 2 air intake and filter. I sent my ecu off to 2wheeldynoworks.  Im happy with the results i got. There is plenty of more info on this forum about them if you wanted to go that route. Ive also heard of many guys using a map for a different exhaust and claiming the minor differences are negligible but i cant say i recommend doing that because i dont have the knowledge or experience in tuning to say whether thats a safe option or not. Just my 2cents. 

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