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Water and exposed filter media


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Someone once asked (ok many have droned endlessly on) about running a bike with exposed filter media on the intake and how it may be affected by rain or simply water. I took some pics of my '04 Kawasaki Nomad the other day. It's been run like this since day one, not one issue, ever.  It's had a Thunder Big Air kit and Vance and Hines pipes on it since it left the crate. Still runs flawlessly. Regular oil changes, a set of clutch plates (I pulled a trailer for 45,000 of those miles) and gas.




You can't get more exposed than this. You don't get mileage like that running only sunshine either. My '09 Ultra Classic has a similar Screaming Eagle intake kit, pipes, flash and tune on it. It's near onto 70,xxx with exact same results, regular maintenance, no repairs, original clutch and 30,000 of those with a trailer too. 

These things will literally have water running off them in rain squalls and be completely unaffected and run w/o missing a beat. Actually made a $100 for charity at a Ride for the Troops from a naysayer that bet me it'd stall if we poured a bottle of water over it at idle, lol.

Ride safe and far.

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Yup. Ive NEVER had issues with exposed filters and water. Thanks for sharing!

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