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Need help with rear shocks (60kg rider)


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Hey i ride a 2016 mt07  as i am 60kg the rear shock is way to hard even on the lowest setting still feels like im siting on a push bike.  Is there any aftermarket springs for my weight.  Even any springs/ shocks from other bikes im on a very tight budget 

Hope i can get some help on here 

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Economy option is to fit a 2018+ shock that has rebound damping.

I'm 65 kg - the standard spring rate works fine, it's the lack of compression/rebound that doesn't help.

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I've swapped numerous springs onto the stock FZ07 shock and found the Suzuki GSXR springs can go down to the 400lb/inch range which were real comfy for my 200lb. solo street rider style. They weren't firm enough for high performance or two up riding but may work for you. The upper spring keeper for the GSXR spring is too large for the FZ upper mount but you can nest the FZ upper keeper inside the GSXR keeper to make the spring fit the shock. From the data sheets that I have 1992-1993 GSF1250 is 350lb/in with '88-90 GSXR600 at 300lb/in. A complete old shock on EBay is maybe $25-50.00. Strip the spring and keepers for use on the FZ shock. Or just mount the old shock on the FZ. I've not seen any major deterioration in damping action using these ancient shocks on my bike. I have a old GSF1200 shock that I swap back and forth with my re-sprung FZ07 shock often and it seems to work well for me. The shock information sheet I refer to was found on the web 5 or so years ago by chance and I consider it a valuable resource.



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