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Buying a bike with a redone wiring harness?


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Hey guys. Just saw a 2017 FZ07 pop up on my marketplace. The price really got me at $4k, so I reached out to the owner to ask about it, and he mentioned that some rats/mice got to the wiring harness over the winter, so he replaced it, and had the shop look it over to confirm it all worked.

The bike has 16k miles, which is quite a bit higher than other bikes for sale...but the price is also better. Title clean and in hand.

You guys ever ask a seller what mods they've installed, and they mention 1-2 things, but you can clearly see 3+ upgrades on the bike? Any tips you have for me? Is a rewired wiring harness a deal breaker for you?

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Not a breaker for me necessarily, but...

It raises a couple questions. Why an entire harness and not just repair any damaged portions? I've never seen mice eat an entire harness. It's certainly not easier to do the whole harness compared to a couple of wires. Of course it's possible I guess. I've been able to repair rodent damage for $0 many times in the past, although I've had huge problems tracking down and isolating rodent issues before , big pita.

Look it over closely. If it's done correctly and functions properly it should be fine. Every switch/button/control should function as designed. If it looks like ass, and the harness looks jambed in there, untidy, not fastened to frame rails, more than a couple small pieces of electrical tape instead of proper fasteners, etc, I'd walk away. 

The mileage doesn't bother me.

Have a trusted mechanic look at it if you don't feel comfortable doing so. 

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In addition to Moss' comments.

You have to also consider that if the replacement harness isn't fitted and routed identically to the OEM one, you're likely to get wires rubbing through their sheathing over time. Could be a nightmare of electrical gremlins that pop up as time goes on just due to that - even with assuming nothing else was done wrong.

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Unless you're electrically vehicle savvy I'd walk away.

Just shut up and ride.

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