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Just Joined the Club! Noob & Need Help with Parts!


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Hey everybody! I just bought a 2019 MT 07. Really good to be back in the saddle after a 10 year break from riding, and man, what a fun ride the MT 07 is! 

I already have some mods I want to do, and I really need help: it seems many parts are hard to find, and half the time I don't know the name of what I'm looking for. Here's my most pressing concerns:

  1. Windscreen: Anyone know of any windscreens that aren't gonna make it look like a touring bike, but will actually reprieve some of the wind pressure on my chest above 75mph? I know old FZ07 mounts won't work on 2018 or newer, but there's some speculation that old FZ 09 hardware is the same as the 2018-newer MT 07. Is this true? I've also heard that some screens like Puig are actually worse b/c they direct air up underneath your chin and into your helmet.
  2. Handlebars: I'd love some lower bars for a sportier look and feel, but am not looking for sportbike levels of wrist pain. Any recs? If they're lower but have more sweep, is the comfort about the same?
  3. Tail Tidy: I'd love to get rid of the monstrosity that is the stock license plate holder, but I do need protection from wheel spray. Are the MT-09-style mounts good for this, and will they work on my bike? What do you call that kind of license plate mount?

TIA for your help!!! I'm a total noob to customizing and don't have any riding friends, so you all are the only ppl I know to ask about this stuff.


Down the line (hopefully sooner than later) I want to do a full exhaust and ECU flash, but that's a pretty penny.

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