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First bike, does the undertail look kosher?


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Hey guys, just bought a used 2017 FZ07 with some nice upgrades on it. When taking off the fender eliminator to replace the license plate LEDs, I noticed it was bolted to a piece of plastic that fit loosely into that section of the bike.

Is this piece just a cheap, crappy version of this closeout in this picture?

Assuming the holes line up with my current license plate holder, are these parts universal? 
Does this undertail look 'together', or does it look weird? I don't often get a peek from this angle.

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The lower black piece is supposed to be under the red plastics like this, and the fender eliminator is supposed to bolt to the subframe not the plastic, you need to take the red side plastics off to get to it. I watched YouTube vids to help when I fitted mine, plenty of tutorials on there 


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