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Review - Yoshimura Race Series R-77 follow-up - DB Killer


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Should you run the db Killer that came with the Yoshi R-77 full exhaust?

I ran the open exhaust, and my thoughts are the quality of the exhaust report is like a "shout". The damn thing shouts, at the rider, and the public. It's missing the "bark", that deeper growl.

Pop in the db Killer, and the shout is gone. It's the bark and growl I expected from Pop's Yoshimura.

Something else, that I don't think that db Killer is really about sound, it's designed to create back pressure, something smart tuners use to more effectively evacuate the exhaust cycle  Its why an uncapped header makes lots of noise but rarely makes more dyno power across it's rpm range. A motor needs back pressure.

With the db Killer (creating back pressure) there is a noticable power increase around 4000 rpm as it climbs up onto it's main torque curve where the party really starts happening.

The pipe barks and growls with the db Killer in. To me when it's open exhaust, it's just shouting. All my opin only.

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The same. Ya, it's weird but I don't think they lower decibels at all, only the character of the sound.

I think Yoshi has a different kit for quieting things down, you will have to search for it. And ask them before you buy, if the other kit really is different from what came with the pipe, that it really is made to cut the decibels

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