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Got a T7


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1 hour ago, mcbrien said:

What a great bike. My FZ 7 is taking a well deserved rest. If your wondering if a T7 is

worth the extra dough the answer is Yes.

we need details and as you know.. pix or it didn't happen.Ā šŸ˜‰

Just shut up and ride.

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Details: I have a 2012 super tenere 62,000 miles, a 2017 fz07 14,000 miles and now a 2021 T7 1,500 miles. I like T7 best because has same range as the 07 with much better suspension and dimensions to comfortably fit adult size. Seat is good for day rides. 1000 milesĀ first week no problem. Wish this virus would settle down so I can start tripping to Tennessee. When I get off the T7 and jump on the fz7 I'm a little disappointed but if I don't ride the T7 First I really like the FZ7. If you get the chance to ride one you will see what I mean. Its tall though. As tall as my super tenere.


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Awesome! This is on the top of my wish list. I really like that Yamaha went kind of "back to the roots" with it. I'm hoping one of the dealers here will get one soon, I'm dying to take one out for a test ride. I also like that you have a 1200 Tenere. How does the 700 compare to her bigger sister?

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