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Installed smart brake module, one turn signal broken


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Hey guys. I've recently fallen in love with the engine braking of the FZ07, so I figured I'd install a GearBrake module to let people behind me that I'm using my engine brake. 

However, at the time of the install I noticed that the previous owner's mouse issue has affected the wires going to the integrated turn-signal / brake combo (who knows the brand); so I went ahead and taped all the wires together (probably a mistake). I then installed the GearBrake module, and as I tested the brake lights and turn signals, I noticed the left turn signal was working perfectly, but the right turn signal spasms. The turn signals have a left-to-right scroll effect, and the scroll effect seems to 'complete' quickly, and then try to start again, but by that time, the relay is ready to restart the scroll effect.

I then plugged an LED with the proper resistor into each of the turn signal cables; and got a beautiful, well-timed blink.

Now I'm trying to find out what I did to the right turn signal. Are there individual fuzes for each turn signal that I could have blown? Maybe me taping all the wires together shorted out some of the bulbs in the turn signal; causing the internal resistance to mess with the blinking speed? It appears to be okay up until the tail light; so I'm guessing that is the issue, but they aren't cheap, so I want to try to troubleshoot everything first ;)

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