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Remove kickstand?


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Do you guys remove the kickstand for the track? I have rearsets so the feelers on the stock pegs aren't a worry for scraping. The little extension to make dropping the kickstand seems to be the next scrape point on the left side.

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I do, for one reason- "peace-of-mind"....I watched my wife crash when she drug her kickstand on a CBR250R on track (I was behind her, and saw everything happen 🙄)... Fortunately it's REALLY easy to remove the kickstand assembly on our bikes. It's a matter of removing two bolts, and bypassing the safety switch. You can buy a plug to bypass the safety switch for like $15 from Norton Motorsports, or just modify your existing safety switch by looping it back into itself. Either way works-

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I ended up removing the actual kickstand, vs removing the stand and it's base mounting. Which didn't end well when trying to torque it back on 33ft-lbs while counter-holding, and the self-locking nut stripped the bolt. I'll try removing the entire stand assembly next time.

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