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Carbon Fibre wheel hugger.


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i bought one of these on impulse thinking i got a bargain.. then the exchange rate got me (doh) after trying to install it and failing it was to be a permanent coffee table sculpture until today.. heres some tips for installing one of these huggers:

1. do not need to remove front wheel

2. rotate fork guards 180° (swing back when done)

3. use a round file to put notch on rhs for brake line clip (do not saw at the leg!) also make sure your holes big enuf for spacers 2 fit snug.

4. metal fork tangs (front inside) go on last*

5. you need to SQUEEZE the fairing through from the front EVENLY some flex required!

good luck.


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I went this route as well... BUT went with the carbon fiber version of teh second gen.

Got rid of the bracketry going on. Still had to enlarge the holes but it payed of in the end.


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thx for your reply, u motivated me to put both bracket bolts in-stead of just the one. fiddly af but got'em in the end. 

once all mounts are loose the threads thread, its a both hands job

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