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Corbin Gunfighter saddle mod for slippery seats- XSR700


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I rode the Corbin seat for a season in 2020, and one of the mods I am late rolling out for 2021 is this saddle mod to make it fit my 155 lbs behind, and stop the slippery seat.

Where Corbin wants me to sit in the saddle, and where I want to be are different things. I want to be back in the pocket, in a saddle, planted in a better place for keeping weight supported by my back and legs, and off those handlebars. So off with my seat I went to the Hot Rod Shop, since 1961 the owner Dooley & family have been building/restoring rods and classics - and one of the things they do better than the rest is custom auto upholstery.

Here's the plan, build up the seat to put the pocket where it belongs (for me)



Remember the old tractor John Deere with all metal seat? It was shaped like your back side for a reason, we are going to mimic that shape and push the saddle back into that pocket with this mod. I trust Dooley, left the seat and next day picked it up, he had pulled the entire cover off to have a good look, and built up layers with new foam and shaved them down - no rough edges, with a minimalist update. Here's the result


Doesn't look like much does it? Big difference in comfort. I'm going to ride it in, let the new foam and old settle into my shape. That small chalk line on the side of the seat? - that's where there is the "thinnest area of foam" in the Corbin bucket to get over the sub-frame/fuse box.

Dooley replaced all the Corbin rivets with removable fasteners - because if after ride in, I want to "stick" to the seat surface, he can pull the cover off again and sew a rough suede contact patch in, following the existing detail stitching in just the small area of the pocket. I don't expect it would take much, because I'm already staying in the saddle sweet spot because of the shape change.


Not much of a mod, but a necessary one, to keep rider weight & support in the saddle and legs. Hope it keeps lazy arms from weighing on the bars, when they should be finessing with a small pressure inputs to counter-steer.


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