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I was at Lima Ohio for the RPM regional half mile.  Estensen Racing was there with Dallas Daniels and JD Beach on their Yamaha twins and Trevor Brunner on the 450.   Bronson Bauman was there on his Latus Harley Davidson.    Turner Racing was there with the 450 Honda ridden by Morgan Mishler, as was the KTM team with Max Whale and Kody Kopp.

Daniels was just plain flying pulling almost a half lap lead on JD.   Totally awesome.    Track was fabulous in spite of being a marsh after a 3:00 pm rain.  The track came back after some dragging and grading off the layer of mush.  It was a great cushion track with multiple lines possible.

I don't know if anyone here is a flat track fan, I hope so.   Part of the reason I got a Yamaha 700 was because they were racing it both in flat track and the Moto America twins cup.  Kinda nice to see what we're riding being raced and in the hunt.  The AFT racing comes to Lima in June.


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I'm  HUGE DT fan!!! The CP2 motor may the most versatile motor Yamaha ever built..... It does everything soooo well. I've even heard rumors of it being used in/certified for ultralight aircraft...  THAT speaks volumes about the reliability of the CP2 power plant 😎-

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""W.O.T. until you see god, then brake"

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Daniels was just absolutely awesome.  He was first Beach was second.  Love the 2-2 right side exhaust.  I want to try to make a set for the XSR, but to keep the O2 sensor I may try to do a set doing a 2-1-2 set up if I can get a 2-1 collector of the right size.   From there it will be about trying to get it quiet enough for what I'd want.  Cam Smith, I believe, was running a DT-07 too, with a much cooler exhaust, but couldn't hold a candle to the Estensen bikes or Bauman's Harley.  

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Hey guys  Yamaha DT-07s  are running pretty good against the Indians now.   If you're near Lima Ohio this Ssturday June 25 is the AFT half mile and the Yamahas are there.   If you can get there the track is a cushion track providing a lot of good racing.  Come out and cheer on Estensen in the Pro Twins and Cory Texter in the Production Twins.   Good racing and worth the admission.  Allen county fairgrounds with practice starting around 1:00 pm, heats start around 4:30 and the finals start around 9:25.   There is a time with open pits to go wander around and see the bikes maybe snag an autograph.  

The Harley guys are there supporting the racing.  They show up at all kinds of racing, including road racing.  Show them we're there too.  Dallas Daniels beat Jarred Mees by .008 sec at the Red Mile 1.  Good stuff.

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Lima 1/2 mile flat track saw Cory Texter win on his Yamaha 700 in the Production Twins with a good margin to spare.  Cameron Smith came from the penalty line to fourth place on his 700, after being penalized for delaying the races for a couple of minutes for an ignition problem.

In the Pro Twins Dallas Daniels, on his Estensen Racing Yamaha, won the Dash for Cash race at the last instant over the Indian of Brandon Robinson.  In the final Daniels was knocked off line in the second turn on the first lap, losing a fair amount of ground, while Robinson pulled out a strong lead.  Daniels cut into the lead actually getting up to show Robinson a front wheel, but it was Robinson's night and Daniels came in second to the Indian.  The AFT Pro Twins is actually becoming competitive with Indian, Yamaha, Harley, and KTM in the top 10.

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