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Double Seat vs Solo Seat


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I scoured the internet looking for information or a video for a comparison of the Genuine Yamaha double seat vs the solo seat for XSR700. Since I am writing this, the results are obvious.

A little background. My XSR came with the double seat and passenger pegs. However, a majority of my riding is solo since my wife has her own bike. I thought about purchasing a solo seat from Yamaha since the solo seat I had on hand (CafeRacerWebshop.com), requires too much modification to their seat and to my frame. The $120.00 puts the Yamaha solo seat out of reach for a superfluous purchase. My double seat is perfectly fine. On a whim, I checked eBay. For approximately half the price, I now have both.

Here is that comparison I wanted:

                       nose height            overall length           lowest point height      widest point          usable space for operator

standard     4.5"                           24.75"                               4"                                           11"                              14.75"

solo               4.5"                           19.5"                                  3.75"                                     11"                              15.75"

                                                           firmness                 comfort                  ease of movement

solo vs standard                           stiffer                       less                            stickier


Overall, the solo seat is better looking on the bike. The bike looks lower and the seat is flatter; far more cafe in appearance. See photo.

In the saddle area, the solo seat is more narrow. This helps with shorter legged persons reaching the ground, as well as the quarter inch loss in seat height. Despite the solo seat being stiffer, I was much closer to having both heels touching the ground. As a caveat, the solo seat has about 1000 miles on it, the double seat by contrast, has nearly 7000. Seat foam breaks down over use. I am unsure if this is a foam degradation difference.

As for construction, the solo seat is the inverse of my double seat. The saddle portion is suede and the side panels are leather; the double seat saddle portion is leather and the side and passenger panels are suede. I appreciate the suede saddle. It keeps me on the bike when I get that hard hit of power somewhere over 6000 RPM. I have slid back to the hump on the double seat (and yes, that front wheel becomes oddly “light”). The mounting portions of the plastic base are identical.

Concerning ridability and comfort, hands down, the double seat is easier on my body. The solo seat is stiff enough for me to feel the bike more, the road more, and the “buzz” more. This is not bad, just more. I like the riding position of the solo seat better because it forces my elbows into more of an attack position for the corners and braking. Also, more body weight is transferred to the bars, keeping the front end down and weighted. I can achieve the same position on the double seat if I park my butt on the hump. This “parking” is uncomfortable but never sustained for long.

In switching out the seats, it is simple. It’s the same procedure for normal under seat access. To clean up the fender line, I remove the rubber bumper from the frame when I install the solo seat.

Overall, if I am sticking closer to home and burning the hills and turns of the Black Hills of South Dakota, I’ll install the solo seat. If I vainly want my XSR to turn heads while parked in the Black Hills, I’ll install the solo seat. If I am going on an all-day or multi-day trip, I’ll opt for the double seat and sit on the hump when it's time to burn a corner or two.


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