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Handlebar comparisons?


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I've searched and read dozens of threads, and gone off on tangents... 

Does anyone have some good comparison pics of different handlebar options?

I read somewhere that the '21 bars 1 1/8 instead of 7/8? And that they're wider? A costly upgrade but I like the ease of swapping to a Yamaha part so I don't have to drill or tap.

I'd like to get the bars a little further away from the tank plastics and just a bit less sweep(?). Feels like the stock bars on my '18 have my wrists at too much of an angle and turning to full lock when moving the bike, I'm almost pinching my thumbs - I know I could did this by rotating the bars up, but then they're less comfortable while riding.

I'm starting with an Amazon riser kit, I'll see how that feels but it would be helpful to have a visual comparison of different heights and sweeps.

I know on my old FZ6, the FZ1 or FZ6R bars were a much better fit and on my FZ1, the FZ6R bars were better... Lol, go figure. 

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Did you figure it out?  I'm in the same boat, looking for something wider.  I was thinking of upgrading to a set of pro-taper 1 1/8" since that would mean no cross bar to block the speedo.  But that means needing 7/8 to 1 1/8 adaptors and I'm not sure if there would be enough slack on the cables to allow for this?

It's more fun naked!!

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This is what I used.         Pro Taper 7/8" To 1 1/8" Universal Handlebar Conversion Kit

Pro Taper 7/8" To 1 1/8" Universal Handlebar Conversion Kit | 10% ($4.00) Off! - RevZilla

With the Pro Taper Evo Adventure Handlebars 1-1/8"

I did not have to change the stock cables. I had to adjust the clutch cable under the fairing. I did replace the stock brake lines with SS lines but i did those 2 years after I replaced the bars with pro Taper. Do a search for the bars because you will have to make a plate to raise the speedometer

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