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Ignition Coil Removal


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All -

I need to replace my plugs (according to the Service Manual), but I could not get the coils to release.

They spin, but they do not wiggle or loosen when upward and side pressure are applied (like my car's coils). The Service Manual is of no help. 

Is there a trick I am missing?

Any ideas short of a sky hook or dynamite would be appreciated.

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M. Hausknecht

Yeah, they are tough to remove the first few times. You just have to tug on them with enough force. I have to use both hands. Pull and wiggle. I disconnect them first, at the couplers, so I don't put an strain on the wires.

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  • Global Moderator

I used a decently large zip tie. You make it into a "lasso" around the cop (coil on plug).

Slide it down to where you want to grip the COP, then tighten up the zip tie to close the lasso on the COP.

The you can grab the end of the zip tie with pliers, and you can put a lot of pulling power on the COP, pulling up.

I didn't need it, but I was going to make 2 lassos, and tighten 2 down around the COP to pull, using the zip ties on opposite sides, so you can get more force and it pulls the COP straight up.

When you put them back on, spray a clean rag with spray silicone, and wipe the COP rubber boots with the rag. Just the boots where they make contact with the valve cover. Next time, they will come off easier, like "pull them off with your hands" easier.

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Thank you M. Hausknecht and Pursuvant. Any other ideas out there?

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