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Knocking sound when opening/closing throttle


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I’ve got a 2021 MT07 and I’ve noticed that (a) the engine braking is ridiculous:D and (B) I get this weird clanking sound every-time I let of or get on the throttle, i can feel it underneath me as well. Is this normal? 

also this is a hard one to explain but when giving a very small amount of throttle the bike sort of engine brakes before accelerating and jolting you back if that makes sense lol. I’m getting it mapped in a few days and hoping that will fix this.

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Have you checked the chain slack per the manual?  My 2020 doesn't do this, and it's completely stock.

Welcome to the board, CalebMT!

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when you get it mapped just make sure they disable the setting called 'decel fuel cut' or something along those lines, it is the reason the bike feels so unreasonably engine brake-y. as for the clanking, no idea on that one im afraid but good luck. hopefully its something cheap / easy

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