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I'm going racing!!!!


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Just now, cornerslider said:

After 14 seasons of being a "track-day" rider/coach, I've stepped up my game!!! At 53 years old..... I'm racing my "07" in naked trim... I'm only chasing my smile (and anyone that runs about my pace) <img src=">... I have nothing to prove to anyone. (other than myself)

... support of @mossrider... Dave has been a mentor to me and encouraged me to pursue my race license <img src=">


CRA left side.JPG

CRA right side.JPG


Right on CSlider! You the naked bike man, and that makes it the best look'in on the start grid. Go like hell but don't ride outside of what you practice - you already won


Just now, mossrider said:


<img src=">

And you! Mossrider! ----  Well, you are a jack of all moto angles with advice tailored for who you give it too, just when they need it the most.

You're words & person are missed around here ....

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Way to go, start line nerves and 40 guys all wanting the same bit of tarmac on the first corner, adrenaline rush or what.

Good luck for the 12th

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M. Hausknecht

@cornerslider Good for you! You're not nearly too old to begin your racing adventures. I'll be very interested to read of your impressions and experience. I've found track days, and track day riding, to be different in many respects from racing, even at the club level, but that probably says more about me than any inherent differences in the two.

With as much seat time as you have at BIR, I'm not sure the learning curve is as long or as steep as you imagine. Getting your license is easy; understand the flags and start procedures, and just don't crash out of your "mock race", and you'll have your license. The important stuff you already know, your bike and how to ride the track. Whether you approach riding in competition differently from riding in a track day is entirely up to you and mostly within your control. Whether you stretch yourself and exceed your track day pace, or battle other riders for position, is all up to you. So, either way, have fun! 😁  

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Good for you Cornerslider, take it to the next level. Good Luck and have a Great Time.


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"Do not let this bad example influence you, follow only what is good" 

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Ride Safe, Play Safe, and don't forget to have fun!!


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2022 Yamaha MT-07 Cyan Storm, 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 [VN2000A], 1997 Yamaha YZF600R - Thundercat [project]

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