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Graves full system exhaust and Laguna Seca


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I had a pretty thorough look using the search function, and I couldn't find an answer to this, so hopefully I didn't miss it elsewhere.

I have to travel to California this fall, and have the opportunity to do a few track days. Laguna Seca is an option, and definitely a track I've always wanted to ride, but I'm worried about the sound limits.
My 2015 FZ-07 has the HordPower intake filter, the full Graves system (including the dB killer), and flash from 2WDW. I've never had issues with sound restrictions at my local tracks in Alberta, but I know Laguna Seca is a whole different ball game.

Has anyone ridden Laguna Seca with the Graves full exhaust system?
Did they have any issues with the sound limit?

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It’s been a long time since I rode laguna but they used to be pretty strict on after market pipes. If your bike is much louder than stock you will have a problem. Probably best to put your stock exhaust back on for your track day.

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Unfortunately my FZ is a race bike, and the stock exhaust is long gone. So that isn't an option :(

20200604 Finished Build (2).jpg

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