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Tools Shed: Make a WD-40 "oiler" can and cut costs


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A spray can of WD-40 is $12 for 14.4 ounces at wally-world, that math means we're paying $106 a gallon. But you can buy a 1 gallon tin can of WD-40 for $23 on the same wally-worldz webpage. Hmm, 1 gallon for $23, I'm old, that's enough for the rest of my life and then some if I just go back to sniffing glue. Only thing that needs done is to put WD-40 in a spray bottle with a pump and you saved big $$$$$.

So reuse an empty spray bottle you already have - it needs a good pump, adjustable nozzle, and smaller is better. Or do this below because no reason:


That's a Performance Tool 6 oz Pistol Oiler part #W54265. Then unscrew the flexible spout that comes with the pistol oiler, and make this devil instead. Just cut the WD-40 "flexible straw" off an empty can (about 6 inches long), and you probably have the rubber/silicone lines in your tool box, or bedroom floor, or where-ever you use it the most. Stick an awl inside the cut end of the flexible straw to open it up fully again (cutting crushes it closed part way). Force most of that flexible straw down inside of the two lines will help it seal, and leave a couple inches outside for directional spraying.

Warning, WD-40 leaks out of my reused spray bottle and out of this oil can - it's low surface tension I think is the correct way to say it, makes it migrate and coat everything, especially metallic. Or some kind of dielectric buggery at work here.

The pistol oiler only shoots a small amount of WD-40 for each trigger pull - and that's what I wanted (like a small dose given to a keyhole on the garage door that is rusting up inside). It's nothing like a full trigger pull of an old fashioned 30W oil can - that would be way, way too much. At these savings, go buy one last can of WD-40 with the "flexible straw" (if you don't already have one) and cut the straw off when you get home - (you can still spray and use that handicapped can of the stuff till it's gone without the straw).

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