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Newbie Needing Guidance - Ignition Switch Replacement


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Hey everyone,

I bought a 2019 MT07 at an Insurance Auction and surprise surprise, the whole ignition switch is taken off 🙄🤣

I'd really appreciate some help since my mechanic skills go as far as following along YouTube videos. I can't find any walkthrough repair guides on there let alone much threads on here or Reddit. I'm willing to get my hands dirty and learn though!


1) Will I need to do an ECU flash if I get a new Main Ignition Switch? 

2) Will 2014-2017 MT07 Ignition Switch work on my 2019? Example: 2014 - 2017 Ignition Switch (eBay)
(There's literally no used ignition switches for '18-'20) 

3) Seems like I'll be needing a new injection wiring harness as well, right?

Photos Attached of my baby below




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Welcome to the board, StreetCrow.  I haven't been through this for an MT-07 yet, so I won't be of much help, but someone will be along.  I don't think you'll need to mess with the ECU though.

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@StreetCrow, are you in North America or elsewhere in the world?  Non North American bikes have an immobilizer, which will add an additional complication. 

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@mjh937 I'm in North America luckily lol. I ended up getting a replacement ignition switch but it's from an older model which comes with a 2PIN instead of 3PIN

reference thread of another user with similar issue: 


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I’m facing the exact same problem 

how did you end up solving your ignition issues?

thank you


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