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Stolen 2016 FZ07 needs repair


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Hi, My 2016 FZ07 was stolen in June. But the cops found it few weeks ago. Luckily not too much damage, as far as I can tell for now. They jammed the main key cylinder and the gas tank key hole. Broke the handlebar lock somehow. Put in an ignition bypass switch and was riding it. The light red wire with the orange fuse how they are bypassing the key to fire up the bike. I need to replace the key, key cylinder and the gas tank lock. Anyone has any experience of how I should go about doing this? Thanks





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Though not rare or hard to obtain, you'll normally need a few specialty tools to remove key locks. They're normally secured with security bits. I'm not sure about these, but they'll probably be Torx fasteners that appear to have a pin on them. That pin prevents normal tools from engaging the fastener, thus the security bits. 

Tank and seat lock will be pretty accessible. For the key, you might end up having to drop a fork tube to gain access, so you may need a way to lift the bike to do that. 


What part of the steering lock was broken? If they broke the tab off the frame then your insurance company should be wanting to write you a check for the bike. 

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@shinyribs Thank you for your response. I ordered the Main ignition switch and the Gas cap assembly from Partzilla. Turns out both the parts come with their own set of keys. 

I will check for the Steering lock tab on the frame. I guess without the key the handle bar moves naturally, maybe because the ignition is at the "ON" position. 

If anyone has changed/removed the ignition assembly please let me know your experience doing so. Thanks

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have you looked into something like digitalguarddawg? its a remote start module that has you leave the ignition in the off position indefinitely. i havent touched my key for a year and a half except to get under the seat. i also installed an aftermarket gas lid so i dont have to fiddle with my keys every time i get gas. 

idk if the remote start option would help, just thought id throw it out there for you

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Hi @nozeitgeist1800 Thanks for your suggestion. I looked into this option as well, however, since the ignition harness has been cut, the ECU is not working properly. Speedo, turn and gear indicators, gas gauge, etc doesn't work at all. So I'd have to replace that anyway for remote start to work. I looked into the Vortex keyless gas cap, the price was the same as a stock one, and read some reviews saying the gasket wasn't a flush fit. Which one do you have?

Some additional pics of the carnage. Can someone lmk if the connectors from the last pic are for the indicators? I'm trying to buy the LED indicator adapters on Amazon but they only return 2-wires. Any suggestions for a 3-wire adapter? 




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Just now, blugen1e said:

These are the adapters I'm looking at for the front indicators:

Also, does the fz07 have running lights on the rear indicators?

They do not. At least on North American models. Other countries may be different

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