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Bitubo and Traxxion


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Just finished installation today.  Bitubo rear mono shock model Y014XXT11.  With Traxxion Dynamics AR-25 Axxion damper rod kit.





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Preliminary Ride Report Street

Front forks setup by Traxxion for 50% twisties and 50% commuting (street) use.  Stock height.

Likewise, rear shock setup for street and track 50/50.  And, length increased by +5 mm eyelet to eyelet over stock.

On the street, upon takeoff, rear end squat is drastically removed.  Bumps and dips are better dampened.  Steering is more precise and reactive.  Solid at straight line highway speeds.  At turns, it will hold the line better.  No need for minor corrective steering input.  At deceleration, the engine braking feels slightly pronounced. Hard braking is cake.  Compression damping more controlled, no more front end wallowing and deep dives.  Higher confidence in entering corners.  No negatives for street use so far.

Sag values are yet unknown.  Testing for twisties to come...




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