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My engine had a catastrophic failure in the last session of the practice day the the WERA GNF. I'm looking for a low mileage stock engine or fresh WERA SS legal engine.

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Just now, shinyribs said:

Just for the community knowledge, what came apart on your engine? Was the engine stock inside or otherwise? 

Stock engine. About 4800 miles. Only had Yosh full race exhaust, JD Hord airbox and ECU tune. Ran 93 non-ethanol pump gas. I haven't looked yet but fairly certain it was an exhaust valve that was the root cause.

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My stock motor (internally) has 15K on the clock, and hasn't missed a beat 😎. I had the ECU flashed by 2WDW, Hordpower intake, and Akrapovic Ti exhaust. I'd say that  probably 4K of those mile where HARD track miles.... I have always run "non-oxygenated" premium pump gas. Never missed a beat!!!! I honestly don't know a ton about fueling/timing (I tried)..... I've just been fortunate enough to trade my money for knowledge on the subject, and been pretty lucky. I'm not the fastest guy in the paddock, but never had a DNF 🙄.... 4,800 Miles seems REALLY low for a catastrophic valve failure????

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On 10/25/2022 at 12:23 AM, AP996 said:

That’s unlucky with a low miles stock motor, might be worth looking at that ecu tune/ignition advance.

My thoughts as well, though it's just a theory. 

Depending how the exhaust valve failed, timing could certainly be an issue. Or over revved if the ECU was reflashed with a different rev ceiling. 

Would be frustrating, and avoidable, to relive the same scenario in another few thousand miles if it is tune related. 

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