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MT-07 missing(?) air box breather hose


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The DNA air box cover plate (I think this is called "stage 2") for an MT-07 has a block off for a breather hose. I don't see the hose in the parts diagram, but I see it in some online pictures (attached). When does this hose exist?

Per this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hxp2N3tkqTE&t=363s


If you have the MT-07 model with that big door piece on there then you'll have a hose left over.

For context: I purchased a used 2019 MT-07 and don't have much history on the bike. The airbox "snorkle" was already removed, and I don't see this hose anywhere -- I'm wondering if it (a) doesn't exist, (b) was removed/blocked off by a previous owner, or (c) is flopping around somewhere out of sight.

Thanks in advance!



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I did not have that hose on my bike when I removed the snorkel (I bought my bike new). I would guess it is something on the California bikes.  They have additional emissions stuff on them. 

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I live in CA and bought my 2020 MT-07 new.  I removed the snorkel never seen that piece.  

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