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Winter glove recommendations?


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I’m ok when it comes to the cold usually but that’s because I’m used to mid to high 40’s as a low and maybe only for a few days at a time. Well it’s getting colder and it’s ganna stay colder for the rest of the year and my fingers are really starting to hate me the last few days on my commute.

I’ve debated on heated grips but was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on some nice toasty gloves first. 

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I got a pair of Held "Freezer" gloves a few years back and they work great for me.  The trouble is that I think they were discontinued.  You might check Held's site to see what replacements they may have.

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I have these, and use them when the temp is below 40F.  I like them a lot.


Hydratex waterproofing plus Thinsulate insulation equals a winter glove that can handle whatever winter brings.

They are bulkier than non-insulated gloves.  The first review on that page is from me.  I think the reason they are on sale is that they are discontinued from Rev'It, which is a shame, because I like them.  They fit me true to size, unlike my Alpinestars Celer, which I had to size up.

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First of all, I've come to realize some people have hotter hands than others.  I am a tiny dude, my body is ultra hot even in the winter due to my metabolism except my hands and feet are always super cold.  So for me, its a tough slog.  My wife seems to have warmer hands and she can tolerate more riding time compared to me.

That said, after several years of riding in 32 f degree weather, I've come to realize heated or nothing.  I bought 300 dollar held gloves, 230 dollar revits, and a sub 70 waterproof gloves.  The difference in each is about 5 minutes more ride time (which tells me the costs are not justified- you probably can buy something for 100 bucks and it will be good enough).  At 32f, the 300 dollars gives me about 35 minutes before my hands are in severe pain.

So for me, I would go heated.  And unlike 2015 where they are all plug-in, nowadays they have lithium rechargeable gloves, I'd look at those. 

Actually, it would go:  heated grips > lithium rechargeable gloves > lined gloves. 

To be honest though, my days of riding in 32f temps is over.  The lowest I ride in is about 48f, in which the lined gloves do fine for 45 minutes at max.  So personally, I haven't bothered buying heated gloves.  Oh, and it should be noted I used my cold weather motorcycle gloves for my ebike on trails at 45f for an hour of riding, and my hands were still in pain.  And I was riding 8mph max on trails.  So it goes to show you, its all a matter of length of time before the lined gloves lose all effectiveness.

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