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My goal is to move the hand controls closer to rider to enable an upright riding position.  On other bikes I have routed cables behind the stock location (i.e., I moved them behind triple tree). I'm leery if it will work on the FZ07 because there's not as much room.  Any recommendations concerning rerouting, a pull-back handlebar, or cable extensions would be appreciated.   Or for that matter, the easiest way to move the cables from the current location, which is through tight openings in the tree.  Thanks, DaveO

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You should tell your height, and how much of a rise you want.  I've not experimented with other bars for the MT, so all I can tell are some of the options out there.  But if I were to change bars I'd go aftermarket like Pro Taper or Renthal, because of their lighter aluminum material.  

The bar from the XSR 700 is taller than the MT.  Try cross referencing clutch and throttle cable part numbers between the two bikes, to check for differences in length, if any.

Another option is using bar risers, like Gilles.


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Excellent suggestions for brands of bars.  I already have Phoenix Products risers (#06020737-unique to FZ07) which are from Canada, BTW.  I will do on the comparison with XSR700 cables.  I have rerouted cables on a few other bikes, but this one looks rather crowded.  5'7" which works OK, just need longer arms.

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Howdy.  It's hard to visualize what you're trying to do exactly, so I'm not sure if you'd need longer or shorter cables.  If you end up needing shorter cables, the R7 OEM cable is a direct match, and is about 1" shorter.  (I use this on my race bikes.)  Which may be short enough for you.  If it's not short enough, or you end up wanting a longer cable set, you can [theoretically] get a custom set from Motion Pro.  I wanted one from them for my race bike (the R7 cable is still about 1" too long, but I make it work), and it took months of emails and messages for them to get back to me.  They finally got back to me recently, and I just said forget it, as the guy kept making mistakes on what I was trying to do, and I honestly just am not confident in their ability to produce the cable in a reasonable amount of time.  They say 2-4 weeks, but who knows.  They are the only place that makes custom cables that I know of, and I'm not sure you can modify an existing cable.  But someone correct me if I'm wrong.

There's a few tricks about rerouting the cables, but I really only know how to explain exactly for a race bike set up.  But what I can say, is that if your problem ends up being that you have too long of a cable, you can use zip ties to loosely secure the cable in a few places, it can take up some of the slack.  This is what I do.  You can also get an after market (Motion Pro Rev 2) kit that allows for a little more mobility of where the throttle housing sits and which way its situated on the bar.

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