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The theatrics are a bit overboard at this point, but highly entertaining.  It looks like this was also a way of showing that Ryan will not be handling these types of reviews moving forward and that "Mechanic 43" will be handed the reigns.

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I suppose Ryan has found much bigger fish to fry than his YouTube channel. It's not often you see a channel grow so quickly. Congrats to him all on accounts.  His fan base's dedication is insane. More than a few of the comments are bordering on stalker/obsessive.


Regardless of Ryan smugly talking down to his audience ( he didn't used to) then mic dropping and leaving without interacting,  guys will race in to the comments to GUSH over Ryan. I've seen him post 20 min long videos that have only been active for 2-3 minutes and there's already HUNDREDS of comments from people outpouring their love for the video and "production quality", "should be a Netflix series" and the other regular repeat comments. You literally couldn't have watched the video yet  It hasn't existed long enough for you to watch it. You received a notification, went to the video and typed out a comment and published it within 2 minutes of the video being released. What? 

I'm very curious to see if this strong love and allegiance auto shifts over to Mechanic 43 if he does in fact become the main/lone face of the channel. There's a fascinating social experiment if the admiration completely shifts from individual to individual solely because they will appear on a certain YouTube channel. I believe "religious ideology" is the term we use for that. 

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Good entertaining videos are good entertaining videos.  Good informational videos are good informational videos.   Combining the two makes things far more interesting, the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.   Ryan and the team from FortNine aren't the only ones who has done a good job .   I feel the same way about Ari Henning's and Zack Courts' work with Motorcyclist and Revzilla as well.  I'm thinking Motojitsu is in there too, but not watched a lot of his stuff.

I've learned from, agreed with, and disagreed with  the video information at times.   But regardless, they were good videos.  Plus Ryan Kluftinger does have a good working base for much of what was dealt with, considering his background in physics.   Not always spot on, how many of us always are, but knowledgeable.  He also seemed to know enough to learn what he needed to know in most cases.   Perfect?  No, but darn good.

I, for one, hopes Ryan Kluftinger continues to do some kind of informative videos, but if not, I wish him well and like what he's done.   

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