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I have a 2020 MT07, if I use the ftecu tune do I have to use the flash tune quickshifter too or can I use a different brand of quickshifter?



This kit installs directly into your OEM wiring harness and allows editing of your fuel map, rev-limiter, speed limiter and much more!



Flash Tune's Quick Shifter Kit for the CP2 powered bikes is now here! This kit will transform your bike to bang off upshifts quicker than...


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M. Hausknecht

I don't know specifically the answer to your question; its a matter of having compatible connectors between the quick-shifter and the ecu. I would advise, however, that unless you're comfortable figuring out your ecu wiring harness, that you get a QS that is intended to be used with your specific tuning hardware (and software). FTECU is good stuff so if that is your chosen tuning solution, I'd get their QS.  For example, I have an aRacer Super 2 ecu and the aRacer quickshifter on my 07. Easy to install when everything matches, and compatible software makes it easy to adjust for push or pull, duration of cut to fuel or spark, and pressure on lever sufficient to trigger the cut. 


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I don’t have any experience of the ftecu quick shifter but if you don’t want to use theirs, you could take a look at the Healtech quick shifter easy, it’s a stand alone unit that you buy a bike specific wiring harness for, so just about everything just clicks into place and then you set it up using an app on your phone.

I use one on my track day gsxr 750 and have no problems with it so far, I also have a harness and sensor for it on my mt07 so if I want I can just un clip the unit and clip it on the Yamaha, send the setup I have for the mt07  to the unit from my phone and then ready to go. I don’t tend to use it on the mt07 much but it’s there if I want. The harnesses and sensors are fairly reasonably priced so you can have one unit for multiple bikes should you want.

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Solid advise from @M. Hausknecht..... I recently purchased a "Bazzaz QS2" quick-shifter, from another member on this site. It's a stand alone quick-shifter. I had my ECU flashed by 2WDW, and it seems like it will work with whatever software they use? It's winter in Minnesota, and I won't be able to actually try it until my first race weekend of 2023 (in May). My understanding is that Bazzaz is no longer in business- I know they do NOT support the QS2 anymore. That was fine by me, as the seller was a trusted racer in Moto America. He assured me it was already set-up for the FZ-07 in race trim. He even included the Bazzaz shift light as well. Honestly, I'd run whatever quick-shifter the ECU, or piggyback fuel controller is on the bike (as previously stated). I don't change my fueling (ever), so I don't have a piggyback/PCV on my bike. I race my FZ-07 NAKED-  After I saw the "Super-Hooligan" class in Moto America, I knew what I had to do!!! Good luck with whatever you decide-

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Excellent points made thank you. I think I'll try the ftecu quickshifter then if I have problems I'll try the healtech. Thank you for the help 

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