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Stuck pillion on brand new mt-07


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I've been racing an FZ-07 for a couple years and this weekend I decided to go buy a brand new 2022 MT-07 for street use. All good fun but today I took the pillion seat off for the first time just to stash my insurance paper underneath and quickly got the thing stuck when I accidentally got the latching part locked in before the forward part was seated properly. Now it seems to be impossible to unlatch and I nearly broke the key trying to unlock it again. Any tips as to how I can resolve this?

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My thought is getting a good amount of weight on the forward part of the seat (so the latch lowers a bit).  My thought is it's likely the latch is really taught against the pin that releases it.  Barring that it sounds like you have some awkward disassembly in your near future.  Sounds like it could be a 2 person job, one placing *some* pressure on the key while the other wiggles it around hoping you hit the sweet spot.  Hope this thread doesn't get blocked for being NSFW!!! lol

It's more fun naked!!

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Ended up resolving it with some rhythmic banging on the sides of the seat while holding pressure on the key.....eventually the pressure waves were just right and it popped off.

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