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Anybody replace "breather plate gasket" when adjusting valves?


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1 x 1WS-11165-01-00 Breather Plate Gasket (underside of valve cover)

Is it just obtuse epa smooching?

RevZilla parts says this:

This item will not ship to United States of America due to manufacturer or carrier restrictions, however you can ship to The United States.

Typo likely, maybe some high zoot charcoal filter thingy?

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On 2/18/2023 at 8:53 AM, Triple Jim said:

Partzilla doesn't have any shipping advisory like that.



Yes, it's just a simple typo, but it made me wonder - is this more than a gasket, or contains some exotic material? My partzilla order will ship on monday, thx TJ

Backordered for a couple months. Yamaha ignores this part, so I'll just follow their lead. Don't take the breather cover off (underside of valve cover) and you won't need a new gasket.

I'm at 65k, if I see any oily-blowby-dirty-up my air cleaner, I will pull the hose off the air box and put a pantyhose nylon over the end of it, and let it breath into Gaia.

It would have been so simple if Yamaha just made (enough of the part) to play ball with the intended emmissions 

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