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Engine swap compatibility


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I have a 2015 Fz07 that the engine needs replaced. What year MT/Fz CP2 engines can I just swap in without changing out the wiring harness? Google search is clear as mud and I’ve had other places like Reddit give me varying answers “2015-2017” and “2014-2021” to the ever all encompassing “they all are interchangeable”.

I scoured the site Forums and Garage all afternoon and never found a topic that addressed this, so sorry if I missed it.

Edit- Sorry… I posted this in the tech tip section before reading the “Quit posting questions in the tech tips section” thread.




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M. Hausknecht

Except for perhaps some minor camshaft and valve seat differences I believe the motors are all the same. There have been some ecu changes and, of course, exhaust changes but they're all external to the motor. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

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