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Cable bracket location?


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Can anyone kindly send me a picture of where this bracket goes? From MT07 2015 ABS

I took the front end completely apart about 6 months ago and just rebuilding now, but cannot remember or see where this thing goes.

Technical diagram and Haynes manual isn't helping me much either. Tried searching google images and this forum etc.

Many thanks




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I just took a look at my bike and that part is definitely located under the fairing somewhere.  Is your left (clutch side) fairing on?  If I get a chance this week, I'll try and pop my fairing off and see if I can locate it.  (2016 year model).

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Right side of bike (foot brake side view) below the ECU (cover)...




Holding it with my finger to show where it "fits"...



Pics from the XSR700 variant, the "faster brother" of the FZ hehe

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