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Do new front forks come with oil in them?


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I am replacing the front forks on my 2015  fz-07 since they got slightly bent in a wreck.  Does any one know if the new forks come with oil in them or will I have to open them up bleed and set the right level. If so does any one know the correct level and oil weight. Thanks

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The manual calls for 10w oil at 162mm. Damper rod forks are extremely not picky about oil level. Anything even close will be fine. 

I've never ordered replacement OEM forks, but I would imagine they come dry. I would be careful and not open them over the living room rug 😅, but I'd expect them to be dry. 

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2 hours ago, chip said:

Thanks, I guess I'll crack one open and see if there is oil in it.

Or just compress it; you should feel if it’s oil empty or not.

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I compressed the fork and it definitely has oil in it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I would think that if they were oem forks, they would come ready to use...fork springs and oil. If not, there would be a warning to service them before use.

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You'll definitely feel spring pressure if there's one inside, but I'm not sure you'd be able to feel if there was any oil inside. 

Im sure the fork won't last long if run dry. 


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