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Chain slack side stand vs track stand


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What's up people

Changed the adjusters on my wife's 7 this morning and had a question that I don't think has come up here before, at least not with my searches... The manual in the 22 07 says set the low point 2"/51mm from the chain guard under the swing arm on the side stand. What about on a track stand? The stock suspension on the 07 is so spongey as well.  I bring this up because the manual for my 10 has a different set of tension specs for being on a track stand and that makes sense because it doesn't have the full weight on it when its on the side stand. What do you all think? 56mm and call it?

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My stock 2020 MT-07's rear suspension is topped out when on the side stand, with the preload setting in the middle position of the 7 notches.  It would seem you need to lift the rear to top out the rear shock somehow while you set the chain slack, then let it down in some repeatable way (lift and slowly release, or compress and slowly release), and note that slack for future adjustments.

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