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One full beam bulb and passing light not working, but both bulbs good


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I just fired up my 2017 Tracer 700 after its winter tear down and all is good except this lighting issue. I have the the right hand bulb functioning as the dipped beam, but the passing light will not work. However, when I switch to full beam, I get the left hand bulb but the right goes out. I do get the full beam indication on the instrument cluster. 

I have visually checked the fuses and see none broken. I had the headlight unit and instrument cluster off over the winter, but did not open up or otherwise remove the switchgear, as I generally like to avoid getting involved with electrical stuff if I can help it. 

All other electrics work fine, and if it's relevant the headlights were upgraded to LEDs by a previous owner, although they worked properly before. 

ps is it possible to switch the lights on without having the engine running?

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