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How does the fuel gauge "work"?


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2017 FZ07.

Got this bike late last fall and only did a few short rides. In the last 2 days, I did about 300 km and I like it!!

However, I'm trying to learn how to read the fuel gauge. After ~100 km, there was 4 bars (out of 6) remaining. After 200 km, only one was still "on". With an average of 4.1 L/100 KM, it meant I used about 8 liters.

I filled it up at 235 km and I poured about 8 1/2 liters. I know the tank holds a total of 14 L and so the fuel gauge seems to be quite pessimistic...

On my other bike (Versys 1000), the fuel gauge begins to move only when the tank is about half full. It works OK anyway as I use the gauge to monitor the tank's last half which is always reliable.

Is there a possibility to kind of use the fuel gauge on a 2017 FZ07?

NB: I always reset a tripmeter when I fill it up but using the gauge would be more practical.

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M. Hausknecht

The fuel is gauged by a plastic float on a steel rod; about as simple as can be. Since the tank changes shape from top to bottom, the amount of fuel used won't show up as linear on the gauge. With more familiarity, you might get a better feel for its idiosyncrasies. 

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My 2020 shows all 6 bars when full, and it takes 50 miles for one bar to disappear.  Each of the others takes 25 miles, so they're all gone and the "reserve" starts its countdown at 175 miles.  I've been as far as 40 miles on reserve, to test it.

I  normally get MPG in the low-mid 60s, so you should be able to multiply these miles by (your MPG / 63MPG) to correct for your MPG.

I have no idea if other model years behave the same.

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