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Theft attempt - damaged main key-switch/steering lock


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'17 FZ07

Bike was parked outside, steering/switch Plus disc-locked.  Someone tried to steal it anyway.  unsuccessfully but they ruined the key-switch.  something now broken off inside the keyway.  The steering column is still locked.

i already ordered the replacement part, OEM
Yamaha BU2-82501-31-00 Main Switch Steering Lock  - At least one online vendor has a pic.

1. I've read a few posts about swapping that part out.  I understand that I'll need to grind or bolt-extract to remove the old key-switch. Fine.

2. But...Will I even be able to remove the upper triple part while the old lock is stuck in the steering locked position? 

3. I'd like to get this off the street - its gonna be a minute before I get it fixed.  I have access to a garage but its up a very steep driveway, so i'd rather not push the bike while its steering locked if I can avoid it.   

  • I was considering breaking my own steering lock - figuring the new lock is already on the way... Is that safe to do without damaging other parts?  USA rider, i'm pretty sure my key is non-chipped.
  • If that's a bad idea - other recommendations to move it, locked, up a steep grade, minimizing drop risk?  I don't have a wheel dolly, though that seems like a good tool.
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