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What Factors Should I Consider In Pricing My Used 2015 FZ07


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I am preparing to sell my 2015 bike. This is NOT a sales thread. I want tips on what a fair sell value is. I need the money right now or I wouldn't be selling, so the last thing I want to do is sell it too high and get no interest, or too low and not get paid.

Factors are 

Region - Southern California (San Diego)


Commuter bike 99% freeway miles 49K. 

Always covered whether at work or at home, but not always inside, so NO UV damage. Very clean, except I never ever bothered to clean the chain oil residue inside of my black wheels. Should clean up nicely. Plastic panels look new, so does Speedo.

Had valves adjusted professionally about 10K miles ago, they should still easily be in spec. 

Full clean Title registered with tags to 06/24

Vstream Sport/Touring Hybrid Light smoke Windscreen custom for this model

CRG adjustable short throw hand levers.

Newish high quality performance tire (Michelin's I believe) and newish high quality brand Chain Both high Quality Brands for Sport/raceing

Custom Yamaha soft bags (you can't get these ones anymore) in like new shape.

This was well maintained commuter freeway trips only, so although it has almost 50K miles they were easy miles, and the bike looks many years newer, starts and runs great. It's been sitting for a year with only a few rides (new car got all my love) so I will buy a new battery before I sell it for reliability and longevity.

I have some pics on my phone I will Edit in Later. EDIT I did this. The bike was covered but still had some light dust from yard work etc, so I gave it a light spritzing with the hose, those droplets are not stains or defects, but water drops.

Bike is more or less clean in condition, but I never actually detailed or scrubbed it. I just kept it clean by riding it and wiping it with soft damp cloth now and then. The panels look amazing compared to other old bikes because I never left this bike in the sun. They are like new. Tires have tons of tread. Chain is almost new.

I know people are selling these for as high as 6500, but I know 50K is a lot of miles what adjustment should I make for that. Also this is a 2015 regardless of how clean it is.


Also the Saddle bags and top rear bag (passenger area between saddles) are expensive, quality, and in really good shape since I bought them many years ago, but only put them on and started using them around the time I stopped riding the bike, so they are in great shape.

The top bag is actually a Generic but the Saddle bags are Yamaha Accessories bought with the bike but never installed until recently. All Tough Nylon Webbing and seemingly waterproof, although I did shampoo them because a cat nested under my cover and left a lot of hair on part of them, so I dunno if that affects the waterproofing treatment or if it is just a super tight weave. At any rate you can spray it with water repellent as needed.

I have a lot of new accessories that I never used, like Frame Sliders that I never put on (Puigs I think). Engine Guard, etc. I never saw the need and liked the way the bike looked without them.










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Let's find out what others think are high & low here . Then you can widen the search to see what others are highlighting to raise prices, and see what model year & mikeage others are asking.


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You will do better selling the accessories separately.  They do not really add value to the bike beyond maybe getting someone to look at your bike over another similar one. 

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Nice bike!  What you have is a "nice, clean, well-maintained, unmolested, original FZ07".    Good luck with your sale.  I'm sure that somebody will snap that up!

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Well, I must commend you on taking good care of your bike, We had a member some years ago that went by zombiphone who put on 60,000+ miles on her FZ-07 with no major mechanical problems. This basically means the bike will go the long run, but 49K is 49K, and you just aren't going to command the big bucks. Regardless of how the bike was stored or ridden, that's a lot of wear on your bike and things are going to go wrong. Looking at the Cycle Trader, there are plenty of bike with a lot less miles than yours (but still a lot of miles e.g . 15-20K) that are asking $5000-ish, and that isn't saying that what they are actually getting.

You have to ask yourself how quickly do you want to flip your bike, and what is your bottom line. My 2016 bike has 17K with the stock exhaust plus about $1500 in accessories, and if I were selling it, I'm thinking I would get around $5000-5500. I would ask $6K, but be willing to negotiate from there.

My guess is that you are going to get somewhere in between $3000 - $4000.

Good luck - I hope you get as much as you can!


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This might be a "regional" thing... I live in the midwest, and bike prices are insane right now!!!! As others above have stated, I'd pull all the aftermarket stuff, and sell it separately- either on this forum, or eBay- they don't ad any value to most buyers. While I obviously have no idea what the used bike market is like in your area? In my part of the country, I'd think a bike with 49K on it, and in the shape yours is in, would probably get around $4,500. The aftermarket goodies if sold separately, would probably get you another $500??? In all honesty- (my personal opinion) 49K commuter miles is nothing on this motor. I race a 2016 with over 10K "track miles" on it. I have run my bike harder than it was EVER designed to be run. My "07" owes me NOTHING at this point. Good luck with the sale-

""W.O.T. until you see god, then brake"

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From my experience,selling the accessories seperately on line is a big gamble.  I'm leaving mine on the bike. Also, my opinion, today is not a buyers market with interest rates for loans high and people not having a lot of disposable cash to throw in on a toy. It's going to make it tough disposing of a bike.

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Value changes depending on area and season, the just accurate thing you can do is look at your local Facebook marketplace and see what other people are asking for bikes. 


Your bike in my area would bring $4500 +/-$500. 

Definitely list your age in the ad if you're an older guy. Even though I run my bikes hard and ride the heck out of them, when I see a lot of "mods" on a bike I instantly worry that it's been neglected. I don't care how it's been ridden, or even if it's been dropped, as long as it's been maintained well. In my experience, young guys without much experience are eager to throw short eBay levers and pipes on, then neglect pretty much everything else. However, that fact that you paid for CRG levers and no Chinesium, I'm gonna believe you care about your bike and have tried to look after it. 

A picture of a bike with stock levers and exhaust gets my attention first. I'm not saying to pull the aftermarket stuff and lie, but it definitely doesn't add value unless you've got a specific exhaust and/or luggage setup that the buyer was already planning to add. 


Any accessories that require modification of the OEM wiring immediately puts that bike on the bottom of the list for me. I've repaired too many molested wiring harnesses and I'll pay more for a clean, untouched bike that I don't need to mess with. I'll look at it in person and decide what I think about the installation, but only after I've exhausted any other bikes for sale locally. The only exception to this is aftermarket turn signals, as OEM ones are easy to knock off and it's a common thing. If you've got a weird taillight and lots of electronics added, gonna look at that bike last. 

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