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XSR 700 ECU flashing DIY


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Hi guys,
Recently grabbed a 2018 700, working on getting a tune on here, Im seeing a lot of kits like FT ECU and Woolich racing all have what seems to be 4 pins that get installed into the back of the ECU connector. They like to hide these pinout diagrams so if anyone has one please post it. I have the user manual so I at least know what pins are what, but there are specifics missing. Does the ecu use kline or CAN high and CAN low to communicate and what program are people using to flash DIY?

I found a Tuner Pro XML definition file for about $70 but the user doesnt explain how he is using the map or how to flash with Tuner Pro. Google shows that basically nobody has done this on our bike. I think I can datalog using the OBDII port and I have O2 sensors I can log with so I just need a way to flash the ECU. I am more than happy to share the info I find out with a how to or other doc, getting tired of tuners making this stuff all locked down and charging nearly a grand for a complete tuning setup. Or if people want to help but dont want me posting results thats fine too just pls help!

So far Ive figured out that the ECU uses these part number pins: SZRO-A021T-MO.064
That info also seemed to be missing from the internet so hopefully this submission is enough to get people to help me. Custom harness incoming once I get more info.


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If you have a standard OBD2 port, you're lucky.  My 2020 uses a non-standard protocol, and I have yet to be able to make a connection with it.

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