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Wanted: oem left rear turn signal 2016 model


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after 7-1/2 years, it looks like the tabs on the base of the stalk have broken or worn off allowing the whole signal to dangle by the wires against the tail piece. It looks like there is a locking plate inside the tail piece that interlocks with tabs on the stalk to secure the signal to the tailpiece. This is how I see it looking up into the tailpiece and viewing the right side turn signal that is still attached to the bike. I'm not surprised at these tabs going away after watching the front signals flop around in a major way going over rough pavement. I'm not on the site much since buying the CB300R  a couple of years ago but I alternate the two bikes whenever I decide to take a spin around the block. I'd rather buy from a forum member than go on Ebay or the like. Your help is appreciated.

2d view of fz07 broken rear turn signal july 2023.JPG

july 2023 broken rear turn signal of fz07.JPG

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