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75K mile service - second half of bike's life make-ready


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Bought new unsold 2019 xsr700 in 2020, I've put 75K on in four riding seasons. Early on (after I was sure would not need Yam warranty) I did basic mods - most notable Ohlins suspension both ends & Brembo master cylinder w/ steel brake lines up front.

I took a break from riding in Texas heat and dropped bike off at independent shop I often use in July 2023, asked them to do this list to "get bike ready for the second half of it's life".


ODO: 76722 (just got back from first big ride after MU service described below 
Ohlins NIX-22 cartridges maintenance servicing. Disassemble, clean, inspection. New fork seals, wipers, fresh fluid. Race Tech For Oil Seals SHOWA FSOS 41P
Ohlins Fork R&T fluid
Service the steering head bearings - remove, grease, & reinstall. They needed a normal, small amount of tightening of the triple steering nut.
Remove and replace all wheel bearings and bearing seals, both wheels. There are 5 bearings and 4 seals.
Lube rear suspension pivot linkage.
Lube rear swingarm bearings (there are 3 needle bearings, 2 needle bearings on chain drive side and 1 needle bearing on brake rotor side)


Why replace all the wheel bearings? This machine has a lot to do with my good physical condition at 63. I'm going to keep on riding as always, shooting for limited interruptions. I don't know how far it will go, but I think it's far from over for my sturdy cp2.

How far could it go?

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Wow, im just barely at 5k miles on my bike. Hoping for a long, troublefree ownership.


How was the bike through valve clearance inspections? My least favorite part of bike ownership. I've done it myself on a DRZ, but anything more complicated I usually bring to a shop. Glad yamaha has a very long service interval though.

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I had just my 60K mile service on my MT07 from 2016, according to the Yamaha service plan. Service for Steering Head, nothing replaced. Valve clearance adjusted. According to the technician ready for the next 60K miles 😊

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16 hours ago, pepperona said:

How was the bike through valve clearance inspections? My least favorite part of bike ownership. I've done it myself on a DRZ...

Adjusting valves is more fun than riding (until it's not). Here's something that will help . I leave my bike naked because the general public seems interested. A woman with a baby this morning asked me about "is that a tank wrap ot something" - her husband was outside, he sent her in to store to ask. Just funny, I get shoutouts at stoplights, strangers, riders, non-riders "what kind of bike is that".

I play with them "it's a cp2 Yamaha, does 35mph! But I'm afraid of it so I only go 25"

I took the panels off to listen to the dying fuel pump, and I'm leaving them off, it's a breeze to get at maintenance once the pita bodywork is gone.


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2 minutes ago, shinyribs said:

Those waffle panels are kinda gnarly looking. My '16 FZ07 didn't have those under the bodywork. 

You will have to "special order" it's only free on the faster xsr bikes :)


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