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anyone get any parts ( like a fender eliminator or anything ) from Amazon? And if so what’s some of the best budget parts you all have gotten. And what’s some that you wish you’ve never bought?  

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I think it's a balance of your budget and what you value.

The previous owner of my bike had a cheap aftermarket exhaust from Amazon/Ebay. When I got the bike, the exhaust was obnoxiously loud. The db killer made it run worse due to the restricted airflow, and the "carbon fiber" wrap started peeling after 1 year of ownership. Bike was also stinky even with a tune. I bit the bullet and bought a Yoshi exhaust. The exhaust is quieter at idle and sounds deeper when rev'd. Ran better too with the longer and wider exhaust with the baffle in, less stinky with tune. Quality is superb compared to the knock-off. It is pricey, some people do not think it's worth it; valid since it costs $840. However, you can service the exhaust yourself, and I believe it will last much longer than the knock-off (exhaust is real carbon fiber, and you can repack the fiberglass inside). 

Bike also had the copy of the CRG arrows. It came with 3 mirrors, and 2 of them rattled loose where the arm attached to the mirrors. I ended up buying the actual CRG arrows because I like the way the bike looked. It was overpriced, but the build quality is fantastic. The mirrors are also convex, so the field of view is better (the copy-cat was a flat mirror). You can replace just the mirrors if it breaks compared to the copy-cat version.

Buy cheap, buy it twice. There are a few things I bought that were the knock-offs that were not that important (tank grips and rim tape). For more "essential" components, I'll pay the premium and support the R&D that went into these products.

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Thanks dog. Yeah I would never buy an exhaust from Amazon or anything like that but I was thinking of getting the fender eliminator off there and wasn’t sure if anyone got turn signals from there or what not. And I’m looking to get a yoshi exhaust myself. It was the best sounding one with a decent price of all the ones I was looking into. 

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I've done the low buck ebay fender eliminator for the removal of the black portion, leaving the small silver portion with the tail light mount on it.   I didn't want to delete all the fender, have had enough road spray up the back.   

The plate came with hardware and plate lamp.  I don't have much problem with doing the low buck one, because it's just a pattern cut out of aluminum, bent to fit.  Not some elaborate design, and not a patentable item like an exhaust or specialized equipment.  

It worked out fine.


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I don't have the exact one bought, got it about three years ago, so no longer in my purchase history.  But here is probably the same thing, but in black,  the one I got was bare aluminum.  click here




Like I say, a bent hunk of metal, not really robbing any high tech design.

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