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2023 oem quickshifter + 2wdw tune ??


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Hey riders, 

So I purchased the oem Yamaha quickshift kit when I purchased my 23 model . I didn't have the dealer install it as this is my first bike, and I wanted to get a feel for the clutch/tranny before I started adding automated stuff (dealer and I both didn't know at the time that pulling the clutch disables the QS and you can shift normal as if the QS wasn't installed) 

Question: I purchased a 2wdw tune (have a bench flash kit) , and installed the QS while the bike was half apart t0 retrieve the ECU. I'm about the flash the tune now , do I need to activate the "quickshifter Module" in the tune? (forgot to ask 2wdw,  I've emailed them but their time zone is 3 hours behind mine and wont be open for a while)  Or is that "module" only for tweaking the QS settings to your liking VS the oem settings? If I don't activate the QS in the tune before flashing, will my oem QS work if I follow procedure & do on bike activation like instructions say?  I'm adhd and overthinking this son of a bitch like there's no tomorrow . 




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Should work fine. 2wdw wouldn’t do anything to negatively affect the shifter. Mine is flashed by them and my quick shifter works as it should. 

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@gdv2109 I'm in Canada , you're unable to find the part #? Or they are on backorder from the dealer? 

@Northsouth217  I'm not sure if you sent yours off for a flash or flashed it yourself? I flashed mine at home, in the tuning suite there are options regarding QS timing maps, minimum rpm, activation delay, next shift delay, and sensor type.  

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@g2westwood the flash will not affect the QS setup.  On the ‘23 it’s already enabled on the ECU, just need to activate it per instructions. 

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It shouldn’t need anything from 2wd tune for it to work to my knowledge. I also have a 2023 and had 2wdw tune it. Hopefully your experience is better than mine as after getting mine tuned I’ve been having issues which cause it to drop down to 1 cylinder. Basically anytime fuel/spark is cut I have to cycle the key to reset power to the ecu or else it’s only on 1 cylinder. So if the bike stalls it goes down to 1 and I have to cycle the key. If I hit redline it does the same and I have to cycle the key. And you guessed it. If I use the oem quickshifter it drops to 1 and I have to cycle the key. Super annoying and I’ve been in touch with 2wdw about the issue and they admit they have a few people experiencing this issue but it’s been 50 days and 16 emails and still no resolution. Offered to send it in to try a retune but they didn’t seem interested in that. Unfortunately the responses are falling behind as well as I last emailed him a week ago asking if there was any update regarding the issue and never got a response. I called a few days later and was told to expect a response that day but also never heard back. Starting to lose faith in them which sucks because everyone says they’re the best 😪

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