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No lights,horn,good fuses


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Hey y'all I have a 2021 Yamaha MT-07. With only 32.8 miles on it.I installed tst industries

Integrated taillight

Rear POD lights

Low profile license plate light

Mech GTR blinkers up front

Now I've been working on it in my garage late at night. Whenever I hooked up something new, I'd test it to make sure everything was working fine. The other night I installed the ( left side) mech GTR blinker and checked all lights, they worked for about 15 or less seconds and then everything went out. Even the horn stopped working. Only the headlight works. I immediately checked all fuses and they were fine. Any ideas? Thanks.

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I know it sounds condescending, though not meant to be, but does the bike crank?  You may have inadvertently run the battery low - (hey that's me).  I'd start there and work my way back by reverting each mod until I found the culprit. I also had a weird issue once where there was a strange voltage drop through some Wago connectors and had to go back and remove the wago and solder the connections


Good luck - keep us posted with add'l info if we can possibly help.

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