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Ohlins fork cartridge vs. Andreani fitment?


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I went for a ride yesterday and it made me think of something.  When going over ripples or sharp quick bumps in the road it feels exactly like my front tire is over inflated.  I check my tire pressures and it is correct but thats just what it feels like now.  Would this be compression?  

Just want to confirm before I futz with it too much or end up sending the wrong cartridge out to get revalved lol. I’m guessing it is compression but only because everyone else that has issues with these it seems to be with the comp side.

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A little update just so you guys know how these Andreani’s worked out.

I ended up going with 2.5w oil in the compression leg last fall and it actually felt okay but that was with the adjuster backed all the way out so it means that I basically have 0 adjustment.  Unless I want to go from “live able” to “harsher” lol.

Today I am taking the forks off and shipping the compression side (complete) fork to Traxxion to get the cart revalved which is about $200 plus shipping they said.  So fyi, if you go for the Andreani carts, just be aware they may cost you more in the end to get them working right.  To me it is worth it for my bike since my only other cart option were the Traxxion Dynamic carts which would have cost upwards of $1500 plus shipping.  They didnt have the specs on my bike so I would have had to send my forks im for install.

One other note, the number of turns that you set your adjusters to changes the fork length.  I had them both set to 4 turns of adjustment but when I added the 2.5w oil to the compression side, I changed that to 5 turns of adjustment and after setting my fork height from top cap to triple, my front axle wouldn’t go in because that fork was longer…

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Can anyone recommend a good shop to get my compression cartridge revalved?

Last fall Traxxion said they could do it, send it in and we can get it done for $200

Now I guess their tech said he wants to go through both forks and it’ll cost $350 plus shipping and any new seals, bushings springs required.  I explained that everything in my forks is brand new already and that I just need the compression cart re shimmed.  

I get it though, what if my problem isn’t what I think it is, they revalve my compression cartridge and then I drag their name through the mud because my forks still don’t work good.  Completely understandable.

If anyone knows a guy or shop that could do it Id be happy to let them.  Mrp Motorsports does suspension and I emailed them to see if they’ll work on Andreani’s.  They only sell K tech, Ohlins and GP….  I’ve had them reflash my ecu in the past and they were awesome to deal with.

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