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2021 mt 07 flowing led light swap

Jay dirt

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I have a 2021 mt 07 That I'm wanting to change the turn signals out for something That's shorter in length. but really don't want to go with a flush mount. I've been looking at the flowing LED design.

When connecting Will I need to put or install some sort of relay?

Can't seem to find any info on where the relay is on the bike. Yamaha dealer says it's controlled by this module.( Top picture ) the gen 3 has no relay installed like the gen 1 and 2. (Bottom picture)FB_IMG_1696602007435.jpg.08360811860786b5da87a11a49055a0e.jpgFB_IMG_1696602018120.jpg.8e58e699a0ac68ca6e325096103a015f.jpg

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Apparently the 2021+ models already have an LED, so you don't need a new relay.


What turn signals are you looking at?

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If you are looking for a high-end LED signals, I recommend the "R&G short-stalk" signals. I think I bought mine from Revzilla? I think they are about $70/pair. You get what you pay for when it comes to LED's. These are the brightest/best seen LED signals I have found-

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