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Protaper Evo Adventure Bar Black Install Prerequisite

flLen Soull

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I have just purchased a 2022 MT-07 and find that on any rides over 10 minutes my back starts to burn (due to possible back issues)  I also finding having to reach for the bars a little awkward as I have come from riding a KLX250s for the last three year.


So my question is, what will be required to install Protaper Evo Adventure Bar Black?


Any advise and parts required to make this change will be highly appreciated.

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On the gen 3 models - I believe that's 21+?

The bar clamps are now 1 1/8 at the clamp, so you shouldn't need the adapter.

Should be pretty straight forward swap.

You'll need to either grind the tabs of the controls or drill holes in the new bars. Pretty common on most bikes when changing bars. I personally grind the tabs off on the controls, and if needed add a wrap of one to two passes of electrical tape under the controls to stop them from rotating.

Might have to slightly change the routing of the throttle cables a touch if the bars have a lot of rise compared to stock.

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May want to measure the control section of the bars to make sure there’s enough room for the stock controls. Sometimes they can be tight and you end up with a clutch or brake lever that’s mounted too close to the bend and they won’t be in line with the grips. 

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Thank you all, sorry for late reply I didn't get an email to notify me in the responses.

My main concern would be the break lines, throttle cable and clutch cable. Would I need to get longer ones or would I maybe get away with the current ones?

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On 10/16/2023 at 2:45 AM, scat2me said:


@scat2me - Would you have any photos of your install and how you routed your cables by any chance?

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