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Super long Oil Change Interval...


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I haven't been riding my bike much... and ended up changing my oil this weekend.  While I only rode 3,400 miles since the last change...it has been 3 years.  I use fully synthetic oil (Rotella T6).  If you were buying a bike and saw this on the maintenance records would you let this slide or would this be a sticking point for you?

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Not really a sticking point on the oil itself, but I would be a little more wary about the fact that the owner is not consistent with maintenance. These engines are sturdy, but maintenance such as frequent oil changes is "cheap insurance". Your oil is likely fine, but Yamaha maintenance has the oil change done every 4k miles or 6 months (6 months is overkill IMO).


Project Farm does a great analysis on engine oil after 1 year (in cars): 



Not as relevant but interesting, he also tested 70 year old oil.

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56 minutes ago, clinical said:

 If you were buying a bike and saw this on the maintenance records...

Over the years I have bought used motorcycles, vans, trucks, cars.

It is a RARITY that the seller has any maintenance records at all. Maybe for a large repair, but for oil changes (crickets).

Heck I don't even keep good records, but I do try to change oil etc. on time. And I don't put a lot of focus on what I may get when selling a vehicle. It is what it is.

As far as the 3 year thing, I believe the focus on older oil is that acids form as a byproduct of combustion blow-by contaminants. Your bike has low miles, and as a buyer I could likely tell that you cared about the bike. The fact that oil was changed within the MILEAGE interval would be all I needed if the bike was clean.

If a bike was stored for those 3 years and not ridden at all - that would bother me. Vehicles don't like to sit. Funky ethanol residue, moisture in the brake fluid affecting components that just sit there... long term storage is the killer.

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@Lone Wolf I used to be bad about this, but then I made a spreadsheet, now the satisfaction of adding another line to the spreadsheet to mark the job complete makes me pretty diligent.  I hate to say it but it's like giving a gold star sticker to a kid 😂.

edit: Also useful to track total cost of ownership (minus gas and insurance, not that detailed).

@tomlichu Great add, of course there is a project farm about this... 🙂

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Vehicles are a huge investment.  This is a sign of neglect.  Personally, I would walk.  


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I just sold my 2017 FZ07 with 4070 miles. It was immaculate. I changed the oil at 100 miles, 600 miles, and once a year after that. ( I bought it new). The advantages far outweigh the cost.                      Now on a personal note, I don't remember when I had my oil changed.

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