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2016 Fz-07 turn signals


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Just picked up my 2016 fz07, the owner said turn signals didn’t work when I bought it but said it’s a simple task just need to put some wires together. I wanted a different taillight, I went with the tst industries integrated. I bought a new flasher relay as well. The turn signals still do not work, I’m wondering if anyone knows something that I’m missing or if I need to take it somewhere and get it looked at please let me know thank you! 

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I am sure you tried this already but first make sure to check the fuse.  If that is good (or blows immediately) you need to check the wiring.  

If I recall correctly (it has been a few years since I replaced my turn signals) there is a connector near the rear seat where the rear turn signals connect in to the wiring harness.  You will want to remove the plastics around the seat area to check it properly.  It should be obvious it there is a short.  I do not recall where the front turn signals connect, but I think it is behind the headlight.  Hopefully whoever installed the turn signals just plugged them in to the stock connectors and did not mess with the wiring harness, but once you gain access it should be fairly easy to figure out what is wrong. Good luck and let us know what you find. 

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Mac Tech 07

Check ALL fuses, most importantly the park fuse under the seat, not the first fuse box you will see, there’s another fuse box towards the back of the seat almost under the plastic piece at rear of seat, you have to remove the plastic piece to open the lid of the fuse box.


I would check all fuses anyway, then if all good, you will probably need a multimeter to test cables and connectors receiving power etc.


i have attached the wiring map for you to follow.



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